Huey Tools & Exercises

Tools to help you grow in business and personal advances.

Discover your day-to-day motivations through feelings.

Align your Top Motivations up with most important areas of life, then identify what is missing and use problem/resolution tools to focus on improving your relationships.

Using results from the PVP, users will write in their Top 5 Motivations in on the lines provided. Next, they will consider “How much of this feeling do I get”, in each area of home, work, school, socially and how they feel overall personally. When considering this question, the user is looking specifically at relationships in each area and whether they “feel” or in this case “How much they feel” in the form of acknowledgment, respect and/or feedback from others. The user will tally up their totals in each column and row to get their final scores.

Each person should identify at least one area they feel is most important and begin writing what they feel they are lacking in the respective relationships and begin a resolution plan on how they will influence others to get more of what they want!

Become an expert identifying everybody’s unique way of communicating.

Analyze your PVP and others’ to become a better communicator by utilizing their PVP, at work, home and socially, to connect and learn more about the people closest to them, each person can become an “Expert” in “Reading” all the people they meet.

Huey exercises, tools and online experience allow the users to achieve great communication and relationship building skills by learning better self awareness and being more aware of what others require to feel comfortable in their relationships. They learn facial recognition, gesticulations, body posture, words and also how to “Hear what is not said!”. 

Identify rewards by improving relationships.

Build a core foundation and get buy-in from your employees, to want to improve relationships, by helping them identify the rewards that come from it.

In this exercise, users consider the personal rewards they get out of all their relationships. It is impressed upon the individual to realize whenever we are in contact with others, that it is a “relationship” and it has an impact on our overall personal beliefs and well being, regardless of how small it may seem!  

As an exercise, to help each person to truly personally identify these truths, they will compile a list of all existing relationships (individually or in a group) they have and also consider whether “Is it enough?”. Again, a problem/resolution is used to determine what the individual should do to make improvements in each area.

User assessment for further self-understanding.

User re-assesses exactly what and why they operate in the way they do, bringing more permanent understanding.

The PVP that Huey provides as a result of each user taking a self-assessment, includes 5 stories related to their uniquely select Top five motivations. These stories are not meant to be absolute but instead, they give the user a “Picture” of what influences in their life that may have affected them to be how they are today.

“In My Own Words” is an exercise for the user to consider each of 15 questions and answer them in the same way the stories were written. This process ingrains a belief in the individual that builds confidence and self worth.

Understand and connect the 7 core human needs.

“The Seven Things” is a group exercise that helps people have a better understanding of both how all seven things come in a particular order and how they all interconnect.  

Ultimately the individual exercise that comes after group presentation and review of Huey Tools and techniques, combines a personal Strategy and Goals session where each Individual completes a “Personal Success Plan” that covers both immediate and long term goals and takes into consideration all they have learned from the Huey process and also, how to use Huey’s online tools to achieve their plan goals.

When people truly understand the connection between their different relationships and how each impact each other, it becomes easier for them to think outside the box and take positive steps!

Users can believe they have the power to change!

Visually demonstrate how automatic results are based on how each person views themselves internally.

 Another tool used to get employee buy-in and belief that they can make positive change in their life is to understand the physiological affects of pictures in their “Imagination Room”, how it affects the nervous system, beliefs, feelings, attitude, actions and finally, the results; which are automatic!

 The first step is to build awareness of the phenomenon. The we get the individuals to understand the importance of self programming, by removing the negative images they have of themselves and replace them with positive things that can be quantified and qualified through their experience with Huey and exercises used in this session.

An exercise detailing each person’s unique needs and goals to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

The inability to imagine far ahead or long term usually has more to do with people not having the tools and direction, rather than the excuse of “They don’t get it”. The 7 Things is a fun way that each individual creates the 100% positive image of where they want to go, what they want to achieve and how long it will take to get there.

By participating in this structured exercise, it will again ingrain the individuals with a believable image of what is possible.  We focus on the talent sections of the PVP and take people on the adventure of visualization of their potential future.

While doing this exercise, it is important that the individual connects the significance of how each part is inter-connected to the others and that in order to have a doable and sustainable plan, that this is fully considered in the visualization exercise.

Define and eliminate obstacles that naturally prevent you from achieving the positive things in life.

Having a positive image, goals, and plans is not enough if you don’t comprehend or can’t handle the negative thoughts that exist in every individual.

We provide users with a fun way to consider these sub-conscious thoughts or negative feelings that tend to stop people from participating in positive growth and development or sabotages the positive work they are putting in.

This method has been quite effective in helping people shrug or laugh off negative feelings they have newly found easy to identify as “negative self talk”. More importantly, when issues involve more than one person, this allows all participants to identify and empathize easier with others and again, shrug or laugh off what would normally be something that could fester and/or explode into a more serious situation.

Understand how all people have different levels of needs when it comes to recognition and acknowledgment.

Not everyone has the same level of need for others to acknowledge them, but they all do feel good when they get it. However, there are many aspects for a person to consider if they want to be both affective and believable.

Huey has many tools that help users learn and practice this art but a simple but powerful point is to understand the very basics. 

This exercise brings a group through the steps of day to day contact and how to begin making changes in their communication based on the person’s unique style. In this exercise we simply break down the difference in the four styles with the type of recognition that makes them feel best and how much or how little should be used. Huey also uses visual aids and reminders that people can use to help them become experts in recognizing people and know just how to talk to them!

A complete workbook for people to become expert in all core Huey Tools!

The complete workbook, Discovery! – The True Art of Communication” helps people truly understand all aspects of the Huey Program and even deeper levels of understanding human behavior.  

In addition to the noted exercises, additional exercises are included. This workbook truly brings the whole program together in a way that everyone can comprehend.

Further, this workbook is designed for either group settings or for an individual to work on their own. When a company is certified in Huey, part of the process includes workbooks for all participants. Additionally, the company will receive an instruction manual and training to duplicate the learning process internally.