Consultants & Resellers

Three levels of support opportunities that make up the core of GoHuey.

Huey offers standardized training & support for certified individuals and organization that contract to represent Huey. There are three levels of support. Each will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and a Contract reflective of their abilities:

Ambassadors: Ambassadors simply represent Huey as an informed person or organization and recommend services to The Huey System or Resellers. Ambassadors earn commission based on their “Commission Agreement”

Consultants: Consultants actually are trained and certified Huey Master Coaches that provide the actual hands on training and train the trainer services to customers. Consultants earn Pay for Work based on their “Master’s Coach” contract.

Resellers: Resellers are independent individuals, organizations or businesses that have been licensed, trained and certified in either limited aspects of Huey or they are “Executive Resellers” that operate on behalf of The Huey System, Inc.

This group of individuals and organizations will receive certification training in some or all of the following areas:

  • Ambassador Sales Training
  • Core Tools & Technology Training
  • Consulting Training
  • Huey Operating, Sales & Fulfillment Program
  • Industry Specific Certification
  • Speaker Training
  • Huey Sphere Hosting
  • Consulting Assistance or On Job Training