Education Training

Focusing on assessment, development and communication strategies unique to each student.

Just like a business, schools have management and employees and therefore, Huey also delivers the same type of training for schools to manage their “Business” as we do to for profit businesses. Some strong measurements of effective learning are student participation, grades, graduation & next level placement, whether that be continued education or the job market. Huey training focuses on the assessment, development and communication strategies that uniquely address each student. 

Additionally, we help the educational facility to use Huey and the input of the student to identify likely career paths, skills identification and potential job markets. Not only does this help make the students enthusiastic about why they are learning; it also gives them something to focus on, assuring their cooperation in the learning process. We also provide the option and training to integrate parent participation through online tools. Finally, our training helps the faculty connect and work together with other continued education schools and businesses for the placement of students. 

Our training includes:

  • Employee OnBoarding
  • Student/Parent Onboarding
  • School & Class Cultural Assessment
  • Student Activities
  • Individual Engagement
  • Private & Corporate Participation
  • Student Skills, Talents & Career Assessment
  • Curriculum Development & Integration