Improve your business, organization, services or self!

A Huey Sphere is a group of people that come together with the purpose to develop strong committed professional relationships, share knowledge. advise each other, and build unique campaigns. Additionally, each date they meet, Huey provides short tools and exercises that help all members increase their abilities in awareness, communication and relationships that impact you every day at Home, Work, Socially, Educationally and ultimately helps build confidence, presentation and interpretation skills.

All for Free! Start now by clicking on Free & Forever PVP. You will be astounded at what you learn about yourself but, you will be even more impressed when you also invite friends, family, associates, customers or coworkers. You can become an expert in a matter of days in identifying others needs when it comes to communication.

All Huey exercises provided during these events are taken out of the Discovery, The True Art of Communication! Workbook. These workbooks are used for development with individuals, businesses, community organizations and educational facilities. When paired with your free and forever user profile, what you learn during these meetings can be instrumental reaching even greater results and success.

If you like what you see in your results and it creates some curiosity about how you can apply this knowledge, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals. Look at our event calendar for scheduled meetings around the area. Contact a Host/Hostess about visiting or joining their group! Contact us at Huey, if you would like to become a Host and receive even more benefits. Most importantly, have fun!

Peer Introductions: Instead of introducing yourself, each meeting one of your peers will be introducing you after investing a little bit of time getting to know you, your valuables and your business or organization. This will help get great feedback on how other professionals see you!

Personal & Professional Growth: A Huey exercise that helps increase awareness, communication and relationship growth is presented at each meeting. These tools will help build confidence, improve interaction skills and lead to greater success, both personally and professionally.

Advisory Group: Each member that becomes part of a local Huey Sphere is completely committing to each other. A successful Huey Sphere will have a broad range of talent that can help contribute to each other. Each member is encouraged to present a “greatest” need that will help them accomplish their goals and rely on each other to develop a “Campaign”!

Campaign, Marketing & Strategy: A campaign is identified after just a few short meetings, resulting in a strategic plan on how to implement it. Some or all members will have identified what personal time, resources and efforts they will help you with, knowing that they will also receive help in return for their own campaigns.

Natural Referrals and Leads: By working together to improve on your skills and building strong trusting professional relationships, you will benefit from referrals and leads that are of the highest quality and most likely in the form of a personal introduction by your members.

Attracting Talent & Presenting Opportunities: Huey Spheres are not limited to management & sales. They will also promote and market through online media for people looking for new opportunities or careers. We reserve a small portion of time once a month for members looking for employees, agents or partners. Any member with an opportunity will be given 5-10 minutes to make a presentation to prospects.