A User Driven System

Cutting-edge self-paced cognitive development.

The entire GoHuey technology is driven by user profiles that they share and interact with others, employers, schools, and organizations. What they accomplish on their own is self-paced cognitive development.

It starts when they complete their PVP (Personal Values Pulse). For them, this is a simple self assessment where they identify the most intense motivations, inspirations and feelings, then go through a prioritization process! When complete, they get a dashboard where they can view their results and access the other core tools of The Huey System. More importantly, their profile becomes a dynamic tool and interface to build better self awareness and empathy for others’ unique needs, fostering positive communication. By connecting them first to family & friends, where they discover the motivations of others and understanding as to why all people are unique and have different needs, the more they use this system the better their skills improve.

Each Huey profile is managed by the user and enriches their experience as Huey increases their desire to grow positively through understanding, improved communication skills, and strengthening relationships that result in more success. This technique is universal, whether it is focused on personal relationships, work relationships, social relationships or relationships established throughout their educational process. They learn how to achieve greater results based on the quality of their overall relationships.

Through their online profile, our the unique technology connects them with Businesses, Educators, Community Resources and Professionals offering local training, seminars and workshops. They select which organizations they want to connect to, knowing with 100% certainty that these same organizations utilize Huey’s professional development tools. If they find a match, they know that it is because interest in them is genuine. The mutual goal is to find the right fit for the right person, based on what people are naturally motivated to do. A win-win!