The entire GoHuey technology is driven by user profiles that they share and interact with others, employers, schools, and organizations. What they accomplish on their own is self paced cognitive development.

It starts when they complete their PVP (Personal Values Pulse). For them, this is a simple self assessment where they identify the most intense motivations, inspirations and yes, feelings and then go through a prioritization process! When complete, they get a dashboard where they can view their results and access the other core tools of The Huey System. More importantly, their profile becomes a dynamic tool and interface to build better self awareness and empathy for other’s; unique needs, fostering positive communication. By connecting them first to family & friends, where they discover the motivations of others and understanding as to why all people are unique and have different needs, the more they use this system the better their skills improve.

Each Huey profile is managed by the user and enriches their experience as Huey increases their desire to grow positively through understanding, improved communication skills, and strengthening relationships that result in more success. This technique is universal, whether it is focused on personal relationships, work relationships, social relationships or relationships established throughout their educational process. They learn how to achieve greater results based on the quality of their overall relationships.

Through their online profile, our the unique technology connects them with Businesses, Educators, Community Resources and Professionals offering local training, seminars and workshops. They select which organizations they want to connect to, knowing with 100% certainty that these same organizations utilize Huey’s professional development tools. If they find a match, they know that it is because interest in them is genuine. The mutual goal is to find the right fit for the right person, based on what people are naturally motivated to do. A win win!


Just like a business, schools have management and employees and therefore, Huey also delivers the same type of training for schools to manage their “Business” as we do to for profit businesses. Some strong measurements of effective learning are student participation, grades, graduation & next level placement, whether that be continued education or the job market. Huey training focuses on the assessment, development and communication strategies that uniquely address each student. Additionally we help the educational facility to use Huey and the input of the student to identify likelycareer paths, skills identification and potential job markets. Not only does this help make the students enthusiastic about why they are learning but it also gives them something to focus on, assuring their cooperation in the learning process. We also provide the option and training to integrate parentparticipation through online tools. Finally, our training helps the faculty connect and work together with other continued education schools and businesses for the placement of students. Our Training includes:

  • Employee On Boarding
  •  Student/Parent Onboarding
  • School & Class Cultural Assessment
  • Student Activities
  • Individual Engagement
  • Private & Corporate Participation
  • Student Skills, Talents & Career Assessment
  • Curriculum Development &;Integration

The key components for standard community development organizations are: Participants, Financial Support, Administration, Curriculum and/or Activities, Documentation, & Technology. Huey provides most of what is needed for organizations emphasizing Career Development and Job Placement. In addition to standard management/employee training offered to these organizations, Huey training includes work in the following areas:

  • Employee On Boarding
  • Key Participant Onboarding
  • Grant & Donation Qualification
  • Grant Writing & Applications
  • Curriculum Development & Integration
  • Private & Corporate Participation
  • Educational Pathways
  • Community Connections

Huey is always in search of Professionals in specific Industries, employed or formerly employed, that want to turn their talent into a business or profession. Huey will train these individuals on how to leverage the “Business in a Box” Huey tools and augment what their expertise is, in order to work with business or organizations they are familiar in. Highly experienced professionals will have the opportunity to co-develop products and services that are not already inclusive in The Huey System. Our approach and process includes the following:

  • Professional Assessment Meeting
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Professional Service Contract
  • Industry Specific Training or Augmentation
  • Standardized Marketing & Sales Training
  • Registration and Services at GoHuey.com
  • Online Educational Training
  • Consulting Assistance or On Job Training

Huey offers standardized training & support for certified individuals and organization that contract to represent Huey. There are three levels of support. Each will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and a Contract reflective of their abilities:

Ambassadors: Ambassadors simply represent Huey as an informed person or organization and recommend services to The Huey System or Resellers. Ambassadors earn commission based on their “Commission Agreement”

Consultants: Consultants actually are trained and certified Huey Master Coaches that provide the actual hands on training and train the trainer services to customers. Consultants earn Pay for Work based on their “Master’s Coach” contract.

Resellers: Resellqwwers are independent individuals, organizations or businesses that have been licensed, trained and certified in either limited aspects of Huey or they are “Executive Resellers” that operate on behalf of The Huey System, Inc.

This group of individuals and organizations will receive certification training in some or all of the following areas:

  • Ambassador Sales Training
  • Core Tools & Technology Training
  • Consulting Training
  • Huey Operating, Sales & Fulfillment Program
  • Industry Specific Certification
  • Speaker Training
  • Huey Sphere Hosting
  • Consulting Assistance or On Job Training

Huey engages business with a menu of services that are catered to the greatest need, as identified by the company. Typical training consists of an on boarding process of employees & management, a 360 Feedback report and a financial analysis report that are used to pinpoint specific areas of need. Together with the Huey Representative, the Company will schedule the first certification process which usually is a two day event, covering 16 hours. At the end of this process, the company is qualified in all technology, tools, exercises and project objectives. Key areas of emphasis where Huey tools are most effective are:

  • Sales & Closing
  • Customer Service Communications
  • Management & Supervision
  • Conflict & Diversity Resolutions
  • Business Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Benchmark Recruiting & Hiring
  • Skills Assessment & Assignment
  • Cultural Assessment and Alignment
  •  Change Management
Where personal fulfillment comes from!
Where personal fulfillment comes from!

Identifying other’s communication style!
Identifying other’s communication style!

What you get grid!
What you get grid!

Which side are you on? Understanding automatic results!
Which side are you on? Understanding automatic results!

The 7 things that everybody wants!
The 7 things that everybody wants!

Customize your PVP in your own words.
Customize your PVP in your own words.

How Freddy wins, and you lose!
How Freddy wins, and you lose!

Understanding the feeling of importance!
Understanding the feeling of importance!

How you can win, Freddy loses!
How you can win, Freddy loses!

Breaking Through Book Page
Breaking Through Book Page

 Discovery - the true art of communication!
Discovery - the true art of communication!


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  • Compare your small business and personal insurance rates for the right service and right price!
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  • Customizing and Automate your business documents for online signatures & tracking.
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  • Global Network for Social Good
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  • Business Mobile App Development
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  • Bring your landlines up to speed with modern technology. Send/Receive Texts from your phone & desktop!
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  • When you have contracts with late payment terms, Factor King can get you the CASH you need
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  • Live American Based Answering Services. When you need professional help for sales & support!
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  • Help Win Contracts and Access Funding!
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  • When your business IS LOCAL, drive your customers right to you, with Zip Local!
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  • If you want to enjoy life, “Health” is the most important part of building your “Wealth”!
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  • Opportunity is Only a Few Clicks Away
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  • Green River Creates Opportunities!
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  • Photography with Class, for Every Occasion, when you want the best!
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  • Your one-stop accounting & tax services.
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