Invincible Health and Wellness

IHW has nicely located facilities in a board/meeting room that seats about 20 people.  This room is exclusively used for meetings, seminars, workshops and training.  IHW also subleases this space out to people looking for a private facility that is quiet and has the required amenities needed.

IHW offers Hourly, Half Day, and daily rates.  If you have a repetitive business and the need to meet weekly or more, you may also want to consider a block monthly rate.

1015 Pacific Avenue, Suite A-100, Tacoma, WA 98402

UpTown Koffee & Kafe
Please visit us for our grand opening in March 2016.

Urban/Rustic Koffee and Kafe with indoor and outdoor seating enjoy tasty homemade items for Breakfast and Lunch delicious Koffee and drinks available from the drive thru and Kafe great location for the community to walk to loft space on second floor for gatherings and events Two cozy fireplaces TV'S to view games.

  • Hi Tech Meeting Room (seats 27).
  • A Host Location for Huey Spheres.
  • We serve the best food in town!.
  • Fast & Nice Service.
  • Always fresh and convenient.
  • Drive Thru Available.

2602 Milton Way, Milton, WA 98370

Dito Tayo – Filipino Eatery

Delia the Owner/Operator prides herself in the best Filipino authentic cuisine in the area.  Located conveniently off I-5 and Hwy 512, this is an ideal to get a quick bite or to meet up with someone for a meeting.
Soon, Dito Tayo will be hosting one of Huey's “Huey Spheres of Influence”, helping people get together, make a strategic plan and campaign and then assist each other in it's implementation.  If you are a small business, you should inquire now!

10518 S. Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499

Spunkey Monkey Bar & Grill

The South Sound's Premiere place for amazing spirits, cold beer, spectacular food, and phenomenal karaoke 7 days a week!

The Spunky Monkey has fantastic cuisine an was featured on Restaurant Impossible in the early days, leaving a legacy menu that is hard to beat and little known unless you are a local.  This venue is business friendly during the day, hosting network groups and professional meetings, including The Huey Spheres of Influence, where business or professional minded people get together to strategic plan and implement business campaigns to further their business, organization or endeavors.

376 Benton Rd, Sycamore, OH, 44882

B&R Espresso Bar

B&R Espresso Bar is a locally owned cozy neighborhood Coffee Shop located in Federal Way.  Partnered with a local small batch roaster; Caffee Appossionto, to serve you fresh smooth low acidic gourmet coffee.  We also offer Beer, Wine, and fresh made to order breakfast and lunch sandwiches & wraps.
B&R is a evening host and network mingle event for “Friends of Facebook” host and veteran networker, Kimberly Warren!  Thanks B&R so being so supportive of your local business professionals.

2901 1st Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003

Mona Pizza & Pasta

Mona's is both an authentic pizzeria and boutique eatery that brings the local flare and customer service of a dedicated business owner.  Mona's has been gracious to allow Hosts from Friends of Facebook Networking to meet there and is a very business friendly location to host some of your meetups, get togethers, events or just lunch and dinner with friends and family.

6104 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

Round Table Pizza

At Round Table Pizza, we've enjoyed a heritage of creating high quality, innovative pizzas for over 50 years. From our founder Bill Larson's first little Round Table pizza parlor in Menlo Park, California in 1959 to hundreds of restaurants across the west coast thriving today, Round Table has always stood for freshness, innovation and craveable flavors in everything we serve.

3276 NW Plaza Rd, Suite 101


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  • Customizing and Automate your business documents for online signatures & tracking.
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  • Global Network for Social Good
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  • Business Mobile App Development
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  • Bring your landlines up to speed with modern technology. Send/Receive Texts from your phone & desktop!
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  • When you have contracts with late payment terms, Factor King can get you the CASH you need
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  • Live American Based Answering Services. When you need professional help for sales & support!
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  • Help Win Contracts and Access Funding!
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  • When your business IS LOCAL, drive your customers right to you, with Zip Local!
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  • If you want to enjoy life, “Health” is the most important part of building your “Wealth”!
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  • Opportunity is Only a Few Clicks Away
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  • Green River Creates Opportunities!
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  • Photography with Class, for Every Occasion, when you want the best!
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  • Your one-stop accounting & tax services.
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