HueyMe.com is a Free & Forever social media and personal development site. We combined Social Media with Personal growth simply because that is the way most people communicate today, and Huey is all about people communicating better and improving relationships at home, work, school, socially and in self worth. The easiest way to understand how Huey will help you is this:  Become more aware of yourself and others.  Increase your communication skills to help create more positive relationships.  Finally, get better results, accomplishments and success through your own self paced improvement by using our online tools to be an expert in reading others and communicating better.


Have you every wondered why people act, do and say the things they do?  The fact is that we are all motivated by unique sets of feelings.  HueyMe provides you with your first window into understanding why we are all different, how it affects the way we communicate and the impact in quality of your relationships.

First, your Personal Values Pulse(or PVP) is an assessment that you create in a short 5-10 minutes.  It’s not Psychology and it’s not complicated at all!  There is only one question: “How good does it make you feel when you are recognized by others, when they acknowledge you for just being you”.

There are 60 positive motivational words or phrases that everybody shares to some degree and can easily understand. Once you have ranked these motivations, you pick the Top 5 motivations to complete your assessment.  When finished, you will be rewarded with a 15 page PDF file result that you can print and share with others.  Even more exciting is that all of your results can be shared through Huey, with friends, family, acquaintances, employers, educators and organizations you choose to connect with!

You will soon realize that everything you do and have done are processed through these Top 5 Motivations and have been your whole life!   These motivations about you are no longer just a description or observation by others but instead they provide the exact reasoning as to why you do the things you do or don’t do. It’s the reason why you feel good or bad in situations when these motivations are recognized or ignored. This is the very basis to understanding yourself and others!

You also will learn of your natural & primary communication style and how that impacts your conversation with others. You will see measurements that help explain your “Nature” or natural demeanor. Finally, Huey includes a “Talent Assessment”, that helps you understand what you are naturally wired for when it comes to education, work, and activities and goals.

HueyMe is just the beginning! Check out all of the other sites by Huey to get even more and connect with Schools, Businesses and Organizations that may help you achieve all that makes you feel fulfilled!




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  • Compare your small business and personal insurance rates for the right service and right price!
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  • Customizing and Automate your business documents for online signatures & tracking.
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  • Global Network for Social Good
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  • Business Mobile App Development
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  • Bring your landlines up to speed with modern technology. Send/Receive Texts from your phone & desktop!
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  • When you have contracts with late payment terms, Factor King can get you the CASH you need
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  • Live American Based Answering Services. When you need professional help for sales & support!
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  • Help Win Contracts and Access Funding!
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  • When your business IS LOCAL, drive your customers right to you, with Zip Local!
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  • If you want to enjoy life, “Health” is the most important part of building your “Wealth”!
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  • Opportunity is Only a Few Clicks Away
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  • Green River Creates Opportunities!
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  • Photography with Class, for Every Occasion, when you want the best!
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  • Your one-stop accounting & tax services.
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