The Challenge Session 300

What would it be worth to you if someone were to do a complete review of your business, practices and results and then give you credible feedback that would set you on a course for soaring sales & profits?  Huey can help you through “The Challenge Session!”.

Consider for a moment the very simple but important questions:


  • Are you satisfied with the amount of revenue you are generating?
  • Are you happy with the amount of repeat or referral business you receive?
  • Are you  content with your Cost of Sales or Profit Margin?
  • Are you sure you know everything you need to know to market effectively?
  • Do you feel exasperated or like you are hitting a wall in your sales efforts?
  • Does the market you are after really know about you?

The Challenge Session is the answer for you, if you are not happy with your answer to any or all of the above questions.  Don’t feel bad or defeated.  Many people are so passionate about what they do and often are “too close” to their business.  Another problem is that people often don’t seek advice or consultation because of either the perceived cost or because they are confident they already have the answers and are on the right track.

In “The Challenge Session”, you get guaranteed and measurable results, or you pay nothing!  I and my business partner at a CPA and Consulting firm coined the phrase of “The Challenge Session!” to deal with business owners, general managers and even CEO’s of major corporations.  It’s very hard cold calling and knocking on doors to get people that already run businesses to open up to an outsider.  With this approach, we decided to offer a “No Risk” approach to sit down with prospects and guarantee that whatever we did, it would result in success for our prospect.  Now, Huey is introducing “The Challenge Session!” as part of our general consulting services.  We do this as much for ourselves and our business as much as we do it for you, because Huey is all about building people, business, education and community and if we can help catapult you, then we are succeeding in our mission.



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