This survey will simply take your company’s facts and figures, along with your intuition, and help identify the financial connection between human behavior and the profit & loss of your company.   Do you know what kind of change to your bottom line can happen if you had more positive, productive and committed employees?  Take this survey and you will truly begin to understand the huge impact!

What is the the mindset of your organization?

  • It is beyond our ability to positively affect the attitude and behavior of our people and therefore, we absorb the effects of negative human behavior, as a “Cost of Sales”!
  • We believe that through individual and corporate development, we can positively affect Sales, Costs and overall profitability!

Most people will say that they believe in the later, however, after many years of researching this topic, Huey has found that a majority of people have given up either because of high program costs, lack of interest by employees or the overwhelming human resources required to achieve measurable success!

Huey is changing that with a system that addresses all of these objections and more!  It’s easy, affordable for any size business and absolutely gets employees involved, because it truly is about them!

For this assessment, you will answer some particular information about your company and then move on to another step that will ask you “What percentage of change” you can expect to see in either Income or Costs to your operations, simply by making improvements in each of the specified areas.  That’s it!  Then Huey will provide you a complete 360 feed back that is not just informational but, it will serve as your strategic goals for implementing positive change.

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