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Dennis RS Pritchard, JR (Huey)


Huey helps individuals business, organizations and schools to develop through cognitive awareness, communication techniques and relationship building skills!

  • Become conscious of both yourself and and everyone around you in 5-10 minutes.  Get your Free & Forever Personal Values Pulse and peer to peer development page.
  • Develop serious communication techniques, at your own pace, that will allow you to develop more and better positive relationships at home, work, socially, and educationally.
  • Become great at putting yourself in front of ideal opportunities that will make you happy, generate positive results and get your recognized by others as being the best!
  • Put yourself on an even playing field when bartering your personal services with your customers, employers, teachers, family & friends to get more recognition for your greatest attributes.


  • Online Personal & Professional Development:  Free and Forever tools for achieving goals and connecting you to the market place for education, opportunities and resources.
  • Human Resources & Business Development:  Assessment, Benchmarking, Recruiting & Hiring Tools combined with connecting technology to employee prospects with matching mechanism to find only people that are a natural fit and self motivated to succeed in your company.
  • Community Development and Non-Profit Outreach.  Complete Personal, Career and Job Placement development that will help non-profits qualify for grants.
  • K-12 and Higher Education development tools and connection technology for placement in higher education and the job market.
  • Opportunities for people to become certified Huey ambassadors, consultants, and master coaches nationwide!
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