The Story Behind Huey

Huey has a unique story but also a familiar story that almost anyone can relate to. Huey is the creator, author and developer of all these amazing tools, exercises and programs. He was born and named after his father, and his name is Dennis. However, because he was a chubby baby and resembled the cartoon character in the 60’s, ‘Huey the Duck’, an uncle decided to give him the ‘Huey’ nickname. Dennis hated it!

He was the youngest of 6 kids in the divorced housed in Washington State. After his parents divorced, his mother & siblings, aunt and her two children lived together, as their fathers were across the the country in Wisconsin. These years were very lean and the 8 kids were very industrious. They supplemented the meager food supplies by crabbing, fishing, recycling bottles, cans, doing cleanup jobs at a local business, pushing carts at stores for tips, and even diving in a grocery store dumpster for expired food! Potato chips and bakery items were favorites as well as candy bought with the money earned. The only reminder that he was poor were the local kids telling him this!

After about 5 years living in austerity with a mother and aunt that worked and went to nursing school, he was blessed when his mother began dating his soon to be stepfather, Ken.  Ken, in his ate 20’s, moved Huey’s mother, him and his five siblings into a new house in North Seattle. Finally having a father figure in his life and moved to a safe and secure area with great schools, Huey began learning and developing skills, ideas and ethics from Ken, a great mentor!

When Huey was in his early teens, his grandfather passed away. His father came from Wisconsin to pay his respects and after many years of not seeing his father, he spent some time with his real dad. He visited the next summer in Wisconsin and his father asked him to stay. He didn’t because he wanted to finish his sports activities that he committed to and just wasn’t quite ready. The next year, he moved to Wisconsin to be with his real father that he had always dreamed about.  There always was a lost feeling in his relationship with his absent father and it lasted less than a year!

When he went back to Seattle for Christmas, he received a telephone call the day before his return and was told that he could not come back. He moved back anyways, still in his early teens, and finished his last 3 years of high school. He found a room to rent in a house with grown men and took a second job to survive. This really didn’t seem tough at the time, after all, he was used to fending for himself in a way.

These were not the easiest of times. Although he continued and completed his high school education, he fell into a mostly despondent state. With everyone he loved and knew over 2000 miles away in the state of Washington, he felt lonely, betrayed and even vengeful! Often making poor choices, drinking heavy, partying and feeling angry all the time and unable to keep a relationship because he no longer trusted anyone. Despite all the feeling of doom and gloom, he still possessed a fortitude that to this day he thanks his stepfather for instilling in him. He quickly rose in ranks in the Hospitality industry and by the age of 19 was in management and already consulting others in business practices.

He went on to work in hospitality in some fashion for over 20 years with both national and international companies, became a partner in a CPA and Consulting firm and ultimately opened his first business in 1995. This was the year of the first iteration of ‘The Huey System’, then called ‘The Flag Pages’, in a company called Silent Partners, Inc.

He discovered a balance in caring and trusting people and recognizing people’s ability to take advantage of each other. For the record, privately, this would be the first in many lessons that had to be learned again and again! Three key staff members embezzled and cashed his customer’s checks resulting the shuttering of his company and led to a mild heart attack associated mostly with the betrayal of people he loved on his team.  Years later, a web developer extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the new company, The Huey Systems, Inc., after two years of development and investment by Huey and his family. The result was having Millions of dollars worth of web-based software that was unfinished and couldn’t viably be made available as a serious product to the market that Huey was focused upon.

For the last few years Huey and the company worked on a shoestring budget to create today’s platforms and the continued growth of the Huey System. This came from shear determination, the ability to rise above the losses and deceit, and the love and passion that Huey, his family and dedicated partners have for helping others.

The moral of this story is ‘You can allow yourself to be victimized, paralyzed and have low self worth or, You can rise above the tragedies, bad breaks, and mistakes you have had to achieve amazing things! To do this, you have to have genuine purpose and to have that, you need to understand what drives you naturally. This is Huey’s mission! To help others and organizations to be personally and professionally successful, and to not fear or falter from the bad experience life tends to throw your way!

Oh! And why did the company get named Huey? When the company set out to rebuild several years ago, we decided that we needed to generate a new brand and accomplish the original mission started in 1996! When we were engaged with a marketing and development company, it became apparent how big Huey could become in personal business, education and communities. Virtually, there are applications for every market! Due to this and the concepts we were considering, the marketing specialist advised us to come up with a simple ‘Brand’ name that was ‘Easy to Remember’, ‘Not Really Mean Anything’, but, ‘Have a Story’ behind it.

After a few months, Dennis’s mother called up and said: “I know what we are going to name the business……Huey!”.  His first reaction was: “No, No, No! I hate that name! It reminds me of when everyone called me ‘Huey Puey’, and I didn’t like being called that name!”  She said to him: ‘That’s just it! What you are trying to do is help people to overcome all the things that you had to overcome, to teach them what you learned on the way to where you are today! Then you were Huey, but now you are Dennis… you had to grow into who you are!”  Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?


Deep in the basement of the old Harvard library, you’ll eventually find an old book printed well over 100 years ago. As you take it off the shelf and open its cover, it cracks, for it hasn’t been opened for many, many years.

It’s a mysterious old book about an ancient Greek philosopher named Hippocrates. This once great man is credited with extensive insights that apply today in modern medicine and psychology. This old book was translated from ancient Greek manuscripts that are well preserved in today’s museums.

Further back in the book, there is a place where Hippocrates told about four types of personalities that make up all human beings. He gave them names which may be “Greek” to you. He called them Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric and Phlegmatic. He taught that the Sanguine are cheerful, outgoing and optimistic, but not very serious or organized, in other words “FUN”! He said the Melancholy is deep, sad, thoughtful, intelligent and long to become “PERFECT”! He explained that the Choleric are short-tempered with a desire for action and“CONTROL”! The Phlegmatic are slow but calm, cool and collected under pressure and always wanted “PEACE”!

At Huey System Inc., we believe in strong communication skills and the full understanding of the motivations behind anyone’s communication. This is the key to all relationships, be it personal, interpersonal, educational, business or spiritual.

Huey System Inc. web sites bring you the truth about the seven areas of your life that we believe make all humans happy and at peace both mentally and spiritually. We are committed to bringing to you a particularly personal, quicker and more exceptional way to bring you growth, maturity and happiness in your home, at work, in school, in your church or out in your community.

  • I want you to know how much I appreciate having your Flag Page (Now Huey Systems) program implemented here at Trans Mail with our production people. Five good things have come out of it:

    1. Our production people are looking at their own behavior first, instead of looking to blame other people.
    2. There’s been a noticeable and welcome decrease in tension between personalities and especially between myself and the owner. I think it’s conservative to say this Flag Page Program has cut tension in half.
    3. Since finishing the fourth phase of the program, I see people more willing to open up and communicate about sensitive work issues instead of letting them boil under the surface.
    4. I understand my boss’s flag which helps reduce the second guessing as to what he wants, which was stressful for me personally.
    5. Because of the reduced tension, all of us are not wasting time on negative arguments, back biting and gossip that’s so typical in work setting. What a relief."
    "I look forward to coming to work even more. Thank you again!"Tim Arnoldussen TRANSMAIL / Production Manager
  • "This letter is intended to share with you and Dennis some of the personal experiences I have had relating to your Flag Page training." "After taking our entire management group through phase 1 of developing a personal Flag Page (now Huey System s) it has identified several traits in myself that I either didn’t understand in the past or was unaware of the impact on others around me. The largest personal impact was to better understand how people with different personality traits respond to situations differently. This eases a lot of tension in our organization." "The concept of the flag being built on positive traits also minimizes people feeling that their flag traits are inferior to, or undervalued by others." "As I mentioned in our phone call, Sherry and I worked our three children through development of their own Flag Page. It created a great environment for discussion. We took all the pages and posted them in the kitchen for ongoing reference and have discussed them frequently." "The Flag Page has also generated real thought within myself on why I have reacted to situations through the years the way I did. This was very helpful." "Over all, it has been a good experience for me personally. Good Luck as you continue your program."

    Keith Mutchler US Paper Mills Corp / Division Manage
  • "So far this program has been beneficial in a number of ways. First and for most, our employees know that we genuinely care about who they are as people, and that we want them to be exactly who they are and be happy with themselves. Also through this program, we are giving people easy mapped out solutions to many, if not all of their daily problems, and teaching them, through the "boomerangs" and attitude scale, and their own personal flags on how to treat other people. Even some of our "toughest people" or should I say "our good people with really bad feelings have come out of the workshops feeling good about themselves and very optimistic about being in "The business of filling glasses!" "Thank you for helping us and coming exactly when we needed you"!! "I look forward to the end result and absolutely know it’s gonna be GREAT!"  

  • "A big part of sales is the delivery of the message. If the client does not like the delivery, they don’t accept the message. Although we cannot change who we are and although it may be difficult, we can adapt to other’s style and adjust our presentation. We are who we are and if we can recognize who other people are, the communication is clearer. If we are not communicating, they are not buying. I can adjust the message and decrease the communication gap with the simple principles of The Flag Page." (Now the "Huey Systems")

    Brian O’Brian The Principal, Wisconsin Division / Territory Manager
  • "The "Flag Page Program" has been one of the best programs we’ve ever implemented. It offers a fun non-threatening way to communicate with each other when challenges present themselves. It is a constant reminder that we are in control of our happiness, our relationships and our paycheck."

    Janclle Anderson Publisher’s Development Services, Wisconsin / VP sales, Mkt
  • "High performance teams have become and integral part of today’s successful business organization. The Flag Page (Now "The Huey Systems") exercises have provided our steering team a great tool than enables us to work effectively in a team environment. The Flag Page heightens cooperation and understanding, which gives our teams the synergy they need to succeed."

    Mike Skahan Rich Products, Wisconsin Division / Human Resources Mgr
  • "I was skeptical. Very skeptical! We’ve gone through so many programs…and I thought this was going to be just another program that classified people, but people here enjoyed it and laughed a lot! They have been through so many programs that they have forgotten about until we did the Flag Page." (Now the Huey Systems) "I think the Flag Page does a great job of emphasizing that everyone has traits that are different from one another, yet all these traits are good. That was impressive." "Now 85 people feel good about themselves, feel good about their job and feel good about the people they work with. Positive attitude is exactly right!"

    Ray Miller Miller Electric / President
Huey Bio & Strategic Partnerships

The Huey System, Inc. Bio

Huey System Inc.’s mission is to provide simple and easy to understand insight to users in human behavior and how it applies to all of our actions in day to day life. Secondly, Huey provides the appropriate tools, applications and resources for individuals to increase their personal potential in self-esteem, education, career and social life. It is the mission of Huey to bring individuals together with like minded companies, organizations and groups to allow the best chance for both to excel!

People First Bio

Jack Lannom is an author, Founder of the People First Movement, a professional speaker,corporate leadership consultant,personal coach,memory expert,TV personality,and Kung Fu master. Highlighted books include: People First® Book and Leadership Training Manual,Memory Genius® Learning Series and Untapped Potential

We’re just a company that puts people where they belong – FIRST! We live up to our goal and provide intense inspiration because we’ve built firmly on a foundation that ennobles and enables beliefs and values.

  • The secret to success in business is people. Period!
  • We look at people and see not who they are, but everything they can become.
  • We see more than the seed in the apple, but the apple in the seed.
  • We’re the human spirit specialists…. Come and grow with us!


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