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Are you starting your new business?  Starting a business can be overwhelming especially when you realize how much you have to prepare for before you even start selling your products or services.  Things you have to consider just to get started:

  • Do you need funding for your business
  • Registering your Business Name
  • Do you have a DBA
  • Will you register your business as an LLC
  • State Certifications
  • City Certifications
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Creating a Business Continuity Plan
  • Deciding what Products/Services you want to provide
  • Deciding your target audience
  • Creating Your Website
  • Deciding your marketing plan
  • What is your sales plan

The list goes on and on.  What if you can get answers to all your questions from a group of professionals in one location?  Now you can.  Join a free workshop of business owners who can help you get your business off on the right track.  The Huey Spheres workshop is just the place to be to get started.

This workshop is ideal for small business owners.  Huey Spheres meetings are held in Bellevue, Tukwila, Sumner, Tacoma, and Bremerton and continues to expand, opening new locations.

You can join us in and locate Start Up & Professional Business Builder Network and select the location nearest you.

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