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In 2017, launched four “HUEY SPHERES….Of Influence” meetups.  Our goal was to create a meaningful venue where startups, small businesses, and community development organizations could collaborate on creating positive economic growth for all.

In the ensuing months, Huey Spheres have brought together almost 200 members, assisting each other in reaching new heights in their business endeavors and even launching several new businesses.

We have revamped our itinerary for all of the meetings to reach maximum value for the time invested by our members.  Each week there is a theme based question that provokes outside the box critical thinking among members, resulting in innovative ideas and action steps that almost every member participates in.  Further, as a regional resource, the synergy and information sharing between groups has allowed all Huey Spheres to come together as a whole, to plan a Spring 2018 “Rocket Launch”.

Huey Spheres members are pooling their professional talents and services to provide a 2 day event, that will assist small businesses and startups achieve complete education, training, and skills that will allow them to operate their business and growth more efficiently, affordably, and successfully.

To Find out more how you can Become a Member or Start a New Chapter of a local HUEY SPHERE….of Influence, click on this link:  Find us on 

If you are interested in getting involved as a Business Resource, Speaker, Trainer or Support at our “HUEY SPHERES, Two Day Rocket Launch, please contact Dan Velando – Vice President of Recruiting at the following link:

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