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The dynamics of sales strategies has changed dramatically the past several years. Cold calling, attending networking events passing out business cards, actively selling and promoting products and services is no longer a viable way to making sales. Customers are move savvy, want to take their time in making decisions and want to be educated on their options when making a final decision.

The “new” sales is now about building relationships with your customers. Customers want to be part of the decision process and not led into making a decision they may regret later on. Education and team building is the new norm and more business owners want to be part of that new process. The Huey Spheres workshop is the new business building workshop that is more than networking. It is a workshop that challenges business owners, grow their businesses together and develop long term relationships.

My business has taking a new approach. Instead of promoting my products and services directly to customers, I am leveraging my business relationships I’ve developed through the Huey Spheres Workshop and working with the members to strategically promote each of our services. It is the “new soft sales” approach in a sales strategy. Everyone wins!

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