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I was recently at a networking event and as we were going around giving our one minute introductions I introduced myself as, “Sonda Swanberg, owner of Invincible Health and Wellness. I help people create sustainable body wealth.” Later in our discussion one of the gals admitted that when I introduced myself her first thought was,

“why would anyone want to talk about that?”


But, as I continued to talk about what that meant and how I do that it began to turn her mind around and she began to think

“how can I bring this into my workplace?”


How many times have you prejudged someone before taking the time to know them? How often have you been frustrated because people turn you off in their minds before you have even told them what you are about?

“One of the great things I like about Huey Spheres is that the members take the time to learn about each other’s businesses and meet with each other.”

The following meeting you introduce the person you met with. Through this exercise as a business owner you can

see how other’s perceive your business


learn how to better communicate what you do

through tweaking and shifting certain points.


 If you find yourself sharing your business but

feel like you are talking to a brick wall

I encourage you to join or visit a Huey Sphere near you.  

I am fortunate that while this gal’s first impression was I had nothing to interest her personally, she kept listening and now I have an inside connection to her HR department! 


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