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Are you struggling with getting sales, traction or brand awareness?


If you are not up to date or savvy about current trends in social media, e-commerce or branding, then you really need to get on the bandwagon!  Social Media and Web Site presence are a necessity and are intertwined now with every business; Mom & Pop Stores, Restaurants, Retail and even Big Box Stores!  More importantly, VIDEO is driving the entire market and if you don’t have video content, you will have several problems:

  • You will be lost in search engines because video content is the most valuable aspect that legitimizes you.
  • You won’t get many views because today’s culture absorbs most of their information by linking to interesting videos.
  • You will have difficulty attracting an audience for sales events, merchandising, and other income drivers.
  • It is very difficult to brand yourself through traditional text driven stories, as most people would rather have a presentation or informational video.


There are many types of videos that can help you.  Short 30 second videos are great for social media accounts as a “Call to Action” that draws people to your page, website or online store.  Longer 1-minute clips are greater when you need to build more value in ideas that are not so common.  A 3-minute video is great when you need more informational content for a very targeted and interested market you are targeting.  In many ways, this longer video is more of a “Pitch” or “About Us” introduction.  Finally, 5-10 minute videos are great when you are either providing educational content, blogging or if you are trying to educate people formally about your business and how you operate.


Unless you are a well established business with great profits and a known customer base, HD Video Production is a very expensive venture.  There are many problems, talent and financially, that exist:

  • Technology:  Unless you have your own HD Video recorder, you most likely will record from your laptop.  This is not the ideal quality and also may not come across as “Professional” enough.  The use of green screen background allows for your video to be edited and most people don’t have green screen equipment.
  • Editing:  You can purchase online editing tools to modify your video with content, voice over and many other features, however, unless you are experienced in this yourself, more likely you will need a professional for this.
  • Education:  Once you have your video, what do you do with it?  It’s not smart to just make a video and be proud of your accomplishment, you really need to understand the market you are targeting, how to reach them, and the right video content that will actually draw them in.  Moreover, you need to understand, be capable or be prepared to utilize this video via all multi-media outlets, at the most affordable way that gets the best results.
  • Cost of Production:  The number one reason people don’t make Videos is that they seem cost prohibitive or too expensive.


GoHuey and Huey Spheres sponsor a workshop that focuses on Marketing & Selling with HD Video!  In this workshop, you will get professionals educating you and providing Question and Answer Sessions to help you jump start your business building efforts.  A professional Videographer will then provide HD Video production for all registered participants where you immediately get your video on a memory stick.  You get multiple takes but you should be prepared to shoot your video.  There will be scheduled slots for all pre-registered attendees to shoot their videos.  Additionally, our Videographer can provide you with additional services after the event for editing your videos, should you be interested.  Finally, our professional presenters will offer additional services that can help you on your way to a more prosperous business, again, if you are interested.

The Huey Systems, Inc and GoHuey are all about helping individuals, personally and professionally, and business, education and organizational groups to work together in effective ways that also creates an “Organic Local Market”, by bringing everyone together.  also has a growing list of “Huey Spheres…of Influence” where membership is free and members work together to diagnose their business, identify a “Campaign” to improve and garner the help of other Huey Spheres members to execute their Campaign.


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