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Attention Resellers!

Announcing the First Ever & Only User Driven, Interactive, Personal Development System for BUSINESS – EDUCATION – COMMUNITY – INDIVIDUALS

You are the expert in your field and you can now share this new social media venue with your clients and contacts.  As a reseller, this adds a new revenue stream.

  • To connect students, teachers, parents with career development tools to meet requirements and standards for future career opportunities.
  • To provide tools to assist employers and employees in matching job opportunities with relevant background, experience, skills, goals and long term career objectives.
  • To empower individuals in collaborating for personal and community development

The advancement of technology has brought many opportunities for everyone from early childhood development, education resources, preparation for employment, career advancements and business growth.  Connecting through social media has broadened everyone’s scope globally in building relationships and collaborating with the resources we need on a personal or professional level.

For more information, contact or call 425-821-4945

About dvaDataStorage Founded in 2005 in Kirkland, WA, dvaDataStorage specializes in security, cloud and business continuity for healthcare, education, finance, law firms, construction, entertainment/media, state/local and federal governments. We match our vendors’ skills and product/services knowledge to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

About Huey System Inc.’s mission is to provide simple and easy to understand insight to users in human behavior and how it applies to all of our actions in day to day life. Secondly, Huey provides the appropriate tools, applications and resources for individuals to increase their personal potential in self-esteem, education, career and social life. It is the mission of Huey to bring individuals together with like-minded companies, organizations and groups to allow the best chance for both to excel!


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